About The Author



Maxine Keoghan received her PhD in history from the National University of Ireland, Galway, where she studied as a transnational historian; her area of expertise is the Irish Diaspora.

Maxine was awarded the Craig Dobbin Scholarship by the Ireland Canada University Foundation in 2017 and travelled to Newfoundland tracing the heritage of the people of the South East.

It is her love for Tramore and the its people that encouraged Maxine to talk with and discover the histories of the past two generations.
As a native of Tramore, Maxine’s family traces its history in Tramore to the eighteenth century.

Her family has a long history of coastal rescue service and were part of the rescue teams that assisted with the Sea Horse tragedy of 1816.
The opportunity to research and record the events of the twentieth century arose when Maxine completed her PhD in history and decided to undertake a local research project.

Maxine’s background was in questioning and understanding the many reasons why Irish people emigrated and how they built their lives in new lands.

Using the same approach, Tramore of our Times captures events and the people of Tramore of the twentieth century in great detail from the 1920s to the 1960s.